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For whom is this website?
This website is for all students, parents and their friends, who are in search of a Higher Secondary School (grades 11 and 12) and, who have to make important decisions for future.
What is a College?
A College is an institution of higher education usually leading to an undergraduate degree (Bachelor). But since ‘College’ is commonly used in Nepal for the 10+2 level, we adapt to this practice. So, all information on this website is meant for the Higher Secondary School Level (10+2/ Intermediate).
What is the ‘College Finder’?
More than 1000 Colleges co-exist in Nepal. Usually, the S.L.C. passed students are confused and overwhelmed by the high number of colleges approaching them. The ‘College Finder’ is a way out of this problem. For the first time in Nepal, S.L.C. passed students and their parents can find a college, which suits best to their needs. Now, finding the right college is more a simple game than a confusing duty. All the messy work we already have done for you. Within seconds you will know your best suited college.
How to use the College Finder?
Just select from three categories:
  • Select the Stream you want to study. This is Science, Commerce, Humanities or Education. If you are not sure, use our tool ‘Stream Finder’!

  • Select the Monthly Fees, the school charges you, accordingly to your possibilities. You can select between different fee ranges.

  • Select the Location where you want to have your college. You can make the selection either by the text tool with pull-down menus (loads quickly) or by maps (takes a little bit longer to load).
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